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Thinking back to when we first saw Bellissima at the Trade Fair. I can remember the conversation word for word, it had such an impact on me. The Export Manager, Laura Tomas (pictured), was a delightful woman. We got to know her very well over the years. When she left the Company to take a job as a designer for a well known Italian Hosiery Company she shed a tear that she would not see us again. This is the conversation as I remember it.

Verna: I would love to sell this beautiful Italian collection in Country Victoria.
Laura: Country Victoria what is eeet……..???
Verna: Well, this is Melbourne. It is the area around it in the State of Victoria.
Laura: Oh Nooooo…… We want someone for the whole of Australia.
Verna: I can’t possibly get around the whole of Australia.
Laura: No, No, not you. You are distributor, you employ Agents to do this.

Well, on the drive back to our Farm I said “We can do this, I have been in business nearly all my life (I had restaurants on the Gold Coast for 20 years)
and we have all the lingerie shops in Country Victoria. That’s a start’.
And so Bellissima in Australia was on it’s way.

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