Children's Tights Arrived! Now what?

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Our shipment of children’s tights arrived and we needed to find an Agent for them.

Jan Cox came highly recommended, she had large client base and was very well liked.  Jan sold it very well, she said it was easy as they were so gorgeous.   She sold a large quantity into David Jones and they then sold through very well.  We didn’t sell Bellissima adult range into the majors as we felt that the smaller shops needed support.  They wanted conditions that we would not meet including getting the stock a month earlier than all our other clients, a cheaper price, a longer time to pay and no sales into other shops near their stores. Really!!!!   We only had one price, the same for the smallest stores e.g. Joan, at Charlton Florist to the largest Roger, at Snappy Legs.  Jan called our tights ‘Can’t tear em’ as they wore so well. 

At this time ‘Studio Bambini’ a beautiful Children’s wear magazine asked to feature our tights.  This was a great success and our tights looked fantastic with all their wonderful outfits.  There was a fabulous picture of a two year old wearing our ‘bear’ tights.  We sold thousands of them.

Peter and I were flat out. We had to put on staff to help us and our neighbour once again to support us and as usual, she brought home made scones for our morning tea.

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