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Have you seen all the articles recently about Slow Fashion. This was one of the most important reasons we decided to import Bellissima.

Fast Fashion that has been the preferred manufacturing process in recent years has had an enormous impact on the environment. For instance did you know The Fashion Industry is the 2nd largest industrial polluter. In Australia 6000 kgs of cheap, disposable and mass produced fast fashion items are dumped in Landfill every 10 minutes. Residual fashion waste in Australia averages 2.25 million Tons per year.

Bellissima has impeccable environmental credentials. There are no harsh chemicals used in the dying process, water from the dying process is returned to streams in a pristine state. In addition no slave labour is used in the manufacture and good wages and conditions are provided for its Italian workers. They even take all their workers for a celebration at a great Italian restaurant for Christmas. Could you imagine this at other factories in other countries closer to our shores!?!
We have visited the Italian factory on many occasions and seen how engaged, happy and busy everyone is like one big happy family and we became part of that family when we joined Bellissima. In addition all the garments are very long wearing and go from using for outings, to home wear and eventually, after a very long time, maybe to use as a duster (microfibre is excellent for this).
So as you can read we are very proud of Bellissima for all these reasons. Bellissima a true slow fashion garment.

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