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Italy to Australia.

  Importing from Italy to Australia was a lot of fun, and sometimes problematic. We had to order long before the season began here in Australia. It was difficult to predict what colours would be popular so far ahead. We made some mistakes particularly as we would visit Italy in the winter time and everyone was wearing the latest colour. One year it was Carrota (Carrot in English). Everyone was wearing it and it looked lovely. We ordered big, but……… didn’t take off here. However it did go the following year. We had to get used to Europe being so far ahead of us in the fashion season and the different lighting, climate and colours of Australia suiting different colours. We had to order very big in colours and sizes. Sizes were difficult as there was only S/M and M/L in the early days.
We asked for a bigger size to be produced. Italy was very reluctant as in the North of Italy everyone was very slim. We said Australians were also small but had a bigger frame. We ordered the plus size to be especially produced for us. It took off, as Germany and England wanted this size. Now they produce S/M, M/L, L/XL,and plus. So on future visits they listened very carefully to what we said.
This photo was taken in the factory in Italy with Mirko (Manager of the seamless section), Laura (Export Manager) and myself (Verna).

delivery of Bellissima to australia

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