How did Bellissima first come to Australia?

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Just in case you were wondering how BELLISSIMA came to be in Australia!

In 1999 Peter and I saw Bellissima in Melbourne at a Trade Show where international firms were looking for Australian Agents.  We fell in love with the look and feel of all the beautiful socks, knee highs and tights. I have always loved Italian hosiery, you can’t beat it for style and elegance.

We decided to take the plunge and ask that we be made The Australian Agents and put in an order.  As you can imagine we were very nervous.

I had been an Agent for some time for the Victorian Country areas. I knew all the Lingerie Shops so I had all the contacts.  I managed to get quite a few orders.  But………..not knowing the import situations I ran into a few snags. The shipment was late and all the shops wanted stock for the Christmas trade.  There’s a photo of me looking extremely stressed at Peters Mothers house in Sydney, trying to get it sorted and sent, (no time to get it back down to the farm.). It has been plain sailing since then, owing to the quality and styling of this beautiful Italian Product.  We had people who had been out in the country, going into Melbourne stores saying ‘I want to get some more of these cute little socks or these gorgeous stay-ups’ and getting the reply ' Bellissima? - what is it?’  Needless to say when we appointed Gwendolyn Seeley as our Melbourne Agent, our unknown Bellissima brand took off like a rocket. ' I can’t believe how easy this is’ she said.

Hope you enjoy the dramatic image of our wind-swept model, gorgeous 90's photography.



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