The Australian Bellissima Family Best Stand 2014

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The Bellissima Family

Our Agents were with us for so long that they became like our family. Gwendolyn Seeley (VIC. TAS), Nita McMenamin (NSW. QLD), Margaret Patterson (SA. NT.) and Eli and Jill Rabinwitz (WA). Gwendolyn was the longest, 17 years.Their husbands joined in too, Rob Seeley (Victorian Manager for Mitsubishi), Noel McMenamin (a builder) and Malcolm Patterson (an announcer with ABC FM).
We all got together twice a year when we exhibited at 'Fashion Exposed’ firstly in Melbourne and then in Sydney. We had great fun at these events, showing what was new from Italy. Each night of the event (which went for three days), we kicked up our heels sampling all the local restaurants had on offer.
In 2014 we won 'best stand' at “Fashion Exposed” a great coup for little old Cooma. Peter built the stand himself. He purpose built all the parts into a large square shape. A fork lift brought it into the Exhibition center and voila! it all came apart to create our display space. It was great to meet all our customers and for them to meet us.

Verna Davis
PO Box 696 Cooma NSW 2630
69-71 Sharp Street, COOMA NSW 2630
T 02 6456 5086 M 0408 031 593

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