Issimo made for men range includes tees in short or long sleeve, skivvys, briefs, boxers, muscle tops, singlets and Long Underwear. All made from the same quality, breathable, microfibre fabric that Bellissima is known for. The mens tops have a slightly different feel and a looser fit than the women's styles due to less elastin and a differing cut.

The Long John's are a perfect under-layer for camping, under leathers, ski gear or winter pants for sideline sports.

Men's Sizing


 S/M  (48-50) CHEST    90-100CM -  WAIST   77-88CM
    L/XL (52-54)  CHEST  102-120CM -  WAIST   90-107CM
      XXL  (56-58)  CHEST  115-130CM -  WAIST   95-110CM
        M/L   (50-52) 90-100CM   OR 36" - 40"
          L/XL  (52-54) 100 110CM OR 42" - 46"