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We sell only genuine 'Bellissima' (FAP) Brand clothing made in Italy.
You can buy with confidence as Bellissima adheres to Certified, environmentally responsible manufacturing and ethical workplace practises.

Bellissima  manufactures clothing under a 'slow fashion model' ensuring quality, long wearing products therefore reducing their impact on landfill. Water and dyes used in the manufacturing process are not contaminated by dangerous pollutants such as lead, helping protect our waterways. All water returned to our river systems are filtered first to ensure this outcome while reducing water wastage.

Their staff are protected by fair work place and fair wage conditions. There is no enforced labor or exploitation of vulnerable sections of the community. 

Who is Bellissima FAP?

Bellissima is a respected long standing, seamless clothing manufacturer. They started by producing their own exceptional, quality, hosiery range. They then expanded into seamless outer and under garments as the popularity of their products, fibers and innovative manufacturing grew. They produce seamless women's summer & winter tops, tights, leggings, jeggings, socks, stay-ups, shaper & underwear. The Mens collection includes t shirts, skivy's & underwear includings thermal leggings. The Boys & girls range includes long, short sleeve and sleeveless tops, skivvys, underwear and tights. The Infant/toddler tights are available from 0-6 months of age.
Seamless microfibre at it's best.


Fabric is a blended, man made, breathable polyamide, 2 way stretch microfibre, produced by Bellissima. Only the best threads, fibres and skin friendly dyes with no harsh chemicals are used. Fibre technologies implemented by Bellissima include anti-bacterial and breathability advancements making Bellissima one of the best and most comfortable microfiber clothing ranges on the market wether it's summer, winter or in-between. There are elastin components to enhance stretch and unrestricted movement and cotton for gussets in their hosiery collections.
The result is a beautifully soft, seamless, smooth fabric, that moves with you.

Bellissima applies rigorous quality testing to all of their products and is a for-runner in the development and use of the most advanced technologies throughout their manufacturing process.

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